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Manual Lathe Machines

Manual Lathes are critical for precise turning operations; specifically designed for boring, cutting, parting off, facing, grooving, threading, knurling & tapping. Our Range of Manual Lathes come from Optimum Machines Germany, designed to perform repeatedly precise tolerances, with a huge range of tooling and accessories we can support you to find the right Lathe for your needs. We have variable speed, centre and spindle, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty lathes for every application.

£42.00£205.00 Ex.VAT
£167.00 Ex.VAT / £200.40 In.VAT
£33.00 Ex.VAT / £39.60 In.VAT
£33.00£99.00 Ex.VAT
£13.00 Ex.VAT / £15.60 In.VAT

Lathe Tooling

5C Collet

£10.00 Ex.VAT / £12.00 In.VAT
£32.00£86.00 Ex.VAT
£244.00 Ex.VAT / £292.80 In.VAT
£18.00£280.00 Ex.VAT
£111.00 Ex.VAT / £133.20 In.VAT