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Metal Grinding Machines

Grinding Machines can have a wide range of different applications for metal workers and craftsman. If your trying to achieve a precise finish, removing welds, removing rust, sharpening or preparing work we have a machine for your. Our range includes: Surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, belt grinders, linishers, double ended bench grinders and tube notch grinders. Every machine comes with with 12 months warranty and great support! Order online today with Free Next Day Delivery*


Grinding Accessories

Grinding Wheel for GRB Grinders

£27.00£161.00 Ex.VAT
£63.00 Ex.VAT / £75.60 In.VAT
£190.00 Ex.VAT / £228.00 In.VAT

Grinding Accessories

Optimum Grinding Wheel

£17.50£48.00 Ex.VAT
£950.00 Ex.VAT / £1,140.00 In.VAT

Bench Grinders & Polishers

Optimum OPTIgrind GU 20 Bench grinder

£275.00£285.00 Ex.VAT
£15.00 Ex.VAT / £18.00 In.VAT
£195.00 Ex.VAT / £234.00 In.VAT
£29.00 Ex.VAT / £34.80 In.VAT
£205.00£239.00 Ex.VAT
£39.00 Ex.VAT / £46.80 In.VAT

Grinding Accessories

Optimum Steel Wire Grinding Brush

£25.00£48.00 Ex.VAT
£168.00 Ex.VAT / £201.60 In.VAT
£429.00 Ex.VAT / £514.80 In.VAT

Grinding Machines for metal working and fabrication. *Free Next Day delivery to UK Mainland and for items in stock.