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Tapping Machines are designed for the production of threads for all metals, through the use of tapping chucks and tapping drill bits. Automated depth stop for tapping blind holes can be achieved with our machines, as well as reverse thread tapping. If your completing production work, our machines can be easily configured to complete repetitive tapping applications, with high levels of accuracy.

£1,099.00 Ex.VAT / £1,318.80 In.VAT
£699.00 Ex.VAT / £838.80 In.VAT
£1,629.00 Ex.VAT / £1,954.80 In.VAT
£631.00 Ex.VAT / £757.20 In.VAT
£1,449.00 Ex.VAT / £1,738.80 In.VAT
£155.00 Ex.VAT / £186.00 In.VAT

Thread Tapping Machines, designed in Germany, with 12 Months warranty. Trust Excel Machine Tools since 1981!