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Excel Machine Tools Product Catalogue 2022

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L 34HS

CNC Lathes

Our Ranges
– Slant Bed Lathes
– Flat Bed Lathes

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View CNC Lathe Tooling in our catalogue
OPTImill F 105 Sinumerik 808D

CNC Mills

Our Ranges
– Vertical Machines
– Mini Vertical Machines

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View CNC Mill Tooling in our catalogue

ManuaL Lathes

Our Ranges
– Hollow Spindle Lathes
– Heavy Duty Lathes
– Medium Duty Lathes
– Light Duty Lathes
– Light Duty Small Lathes

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View Maual Lathe Tooling in our catalogue

Manual Mills

Our Ranges
– Large Bed Mills
– Toolroom Mills
– Turret Mills
– Universal Mills
– Drill Mills
– Machine Stands

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OPTIdrill DH 35 G Heavy Duty Drill

Drilling Machines

Our Ranges
– Radial Drills
– Magnetic Drills
– Heavy Duty Drills
– Geared Head Drills
– Pillar Drills
– Bench Drills
– High Speed Drills

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Grinding Machines

Our Ranges
– Surface Grinders
– Hydraulic Grinders
– Optimum Grinders
– Cylindrical Grinders
– Drill Grinders
– Universal Grinders
– Bench Grinders
– Heavy Duty Grinders
– Polishers 

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OPTIsaw S 350DG Heavy Duty Pull Down Saw

Sawing Machines

Our Ranges
– Heavy Duty Saws
– Vertical Bandsaws
– Twin Column Bandsaw
– Semi-Automatic Saws
– Fully-Automatic Saws
– Swivel Frame Saws
– Dual Mitre Saws
– Belt & Geared Saws
– Portable Bandsaws
– Portable Mitre Saws
– Pull Down Saws
– Circular Saws
– Dry Cutting Saws

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Fabrication Machines

Our Ranges
– Swing Beam Shears
– Mechanical Shears
– Foot Shears
– Manual Shears
– Pneumatic Notchers
– Circle Cutting
– Arbor Pressers
– Motorised Bending
– Hydraulic Press Brake
– Box & Pan Brakes
– Angle Bender
– Pipe Benders
– Angling Machines
– Bending Machines
– Plate Bending
– Iron Worker Machines
– Bordering Machines
– Ring Rolling
– Pipe Clamping
– Bench Vices

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Our Ranges 
– Workshop Cranes 
– Workshop Presses
– Lifting Tables
– Lifting Equipment
– Pallet Trucks
– Load Moving
– Lever Bars
– Sand Blasting Cabins

ADH 41C Jointing / Thickness Planner

Woodworking machines

Our Ranges
– Planning Machines
– Jointing Machines
– Vertical Bandsaws
– Heavy Duty Bandsaws
– Spindle Moulders
– Sliding Table Saws
-Circular Table Saws
– Scroll Saws
– Mitre Chop Saws
– Slot Mortising
– Edge Binders
– Wet Grinding
– Edge Sanders
– Belt & Disc Sanders
– Woodworking Lathes
– Woodchip Extractors 
– Material Stands

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