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  •  Precise and careful processing
  •  Completely made of steamed, massive beech
  •  All important edges are rounded
  •  Surfaces environmentally friendly oiled
  •  Standard with tool drawer
  •  The two cylinder rods of the collets are
    precisely and stably guided in a casting
  •  With smooth-running trapezoidal threaded spindle

HB 2010:

  •  like HB 2007 with the following differences:
  •  Dovetail zinc plating in back pliers and leaves
  •  More massive linear guide on the back forceps
  •  Particularly heavy version of the table
    and base for a firm footing
  •  Heavy and stable tong guides
  • Particularly heavy version
  • Dovetail zinc plating in back pliers and leaves
  • With round bench hook
  • All important edges rounded
  •  He weiterbar

Room amenities
Quality in processing

  •  Standard with carefully processed tool drawer
  •  All important edges are rounded
  •  The surface is oiled environmentally friendly

Dovetail galvanizing

  •  in back pliers and Beiladerücken

Particularly massive linear guide on the rear pliers

Quality collets

  •  Two cylinder rods are precisely and stably guided in a casting.
  •  With smooth-running, large-dimensioned trapezoidal threaded spindle

Round bench dogs

  •  The standard, rotatable round bench hooks facilitate the clamping of workpieces of various kinds.
  •  The clamping heads are made of aluminum.
  •  This prevents damage to your tools in the event of accidental contact.
  •  The lateral, oblique clamping surface of the round heads presses the workpiece evenly against the worktop during clamping.
  •  The round bench hooks can be positioned at different heights using adjustable pressure elements.
Delivery Contents:
  •  2 round bench hooks short
  •  2 round bench hooks long
  •  1 drawer

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