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Sheet thicknesses 1.0 – 6.0 mm
  •  All devices are built in modern inverter technology
  •  Ideally suited for assembly work (on the ladder, on the scaffolding, …) and, with protection class IP 23, generally also for outdoor work
  •  Suitable for use on the generator eg in operating workshops, harbors, chemical plants, schools, metal construction, on construction sites, ships or for farmers
  •  Sealed circuit protects against moisture, salt spray and corrosion. This also suitable offshore
  •  Hot Start: By automatically increasing the welding current temporarily, the arc ignites safely and is instantly stable
  •  Anti-stick: By accidentally sticking the electrode, the welding current is automatically reduced, thus preventing the electrode from annealing
  •  Arc Force Control: Internal monitoring of welding current and voltage eliminates short circuits quickly and safely. This stabilizes the arc and allows the electrode to be easily processed
  • Higher duty cycle than with EASY-STICK series devices
Delivery Contents:
  • 3 m welding cable 16 mm² with electrode holder
  • 3 m ground cable 16 mm² with ground clamp 200 A

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