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  • For sawing pipes and solid materials made of steel, stainless steel,tool steel, non-ferrous metals and plastic
  • Mitre adjustment at the front for better handling with attached roller conveyor
  • Bearing-mounted turntable
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the belt speed
  • Robust band guides with adjustable
    carbide plates for a precise cut
  • Longer service life of the saw blade thanks to 25° saw arm inclination
  • Cooling system directly on the saw blade guides
  • BRP saw blade monitoring stops the feed of the saw frame if the saw blade motor is overloaded by chips in the cutting channel; once the chips
    have been removed by the running saw blade, the feed continues automatically
  • Electromechanical monitoring of the saw blade tension, a microswitch switches the machine off in the event of deviations
  • Chip clearing brush for optimum cleaning and maintenance of the saw blade
  • Hydraulic clamping vice
  • Saw frame can be lowered hydraulically
  • With swivel-mounted control panel
  • Cut sensing function with integrated button

Functionality of the semi-automatic machine:

  • Automatic workpiece clamping after the start of the cutting cycle
  • Execution of the saw cut at the selected belt speed
  • Automatic stop of the lowering movement and the saw blade in the lower end position
  • Automatic return of the saw arm to its upper end position
  • Vice opens automatically
  • Operator only has to move the material
Delivery Contents:
  • Bandsaw
  • Operating tool
  • Coolant pump
  • Attachment adapter for roller conveyor
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