Excel Turet Mill ETM 5VS


    • Versatile Machine for drilling, milling & boring operations.
    • Heavy duty & sturdy machine made with a generous size meehanite casting.
    • Rated for continuous use & long life expectancy.
    • Made to accurate engineering tolerances by highly skilled engineers during manufacture.
    • 5 HP Motor allows larger cuts to be taken during production runs.
    • ISO 40 spindle allows a large selection of standard tooling to be used.
    • Automatic stop to up/down feed at the end of the pre-set travel.
    • Angular positioning to left/right through worm & gear for ease.
    • Reversible switch allows the spindle to run clockwise & anti-clockwise.
    • Centralised one-shot lubrication ensures lubrication to all parts that are otherwise inaccessible.
    • DRO allows you to work in either imperial or metric calibrations.
    • Hardened slide ways give the machine a much longer production life.
    • Quill feed at 3 rates of Feed gives you the option to select the correct feed to quill to suit your individual production requirements.
    • Servo type variable & rapid feeds are available for both longitudinal & cross feeds.
    • Electrically interlocked spindle guard conforms to the latest CE regulations & health & safety standards. 3 Axis DRO.


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