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Excel Machine Tools Dividing Head – Semi Universal Milling Attachment

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  • Hardened & ground Spindle is rigidly held in a tapered seat by a draw-in nut
  • Hardened & ground worm is adjustable to mesh correctly with helically cut phosphor-bronze worm Gear and it can be disengaged for the direct indexing
  • The ratio between the worm and the worm Gear is 40:1
  • The Swivel Head can be locked at any angle from 10° below horizontal to 90° vertical (calibration is for guidance only).
  • It can divide in any angle by direct, indirect or differential method
  • Both models have 24 hole dividing Plates for fast direct indexing on no. 2,3,4,6,8,12 & 24
  • Both models have Threaded Spindle Nose for Chuck Back Plate, Spindle is 11/2” diameter x 8TPI.
  • Easy indexing of all numbers from 2 to 50 & many numbers from 52 to 380
  • Complete with head, adjustable Tailstock, 3 Indexing Plates, Centre, 24 Hole Dividing Plate & Threaded Back Plate fitted to Chuck.

Included as standard

Showing: 3 Jaw Chuck fitted onto Back Plate, also a standard Accessory.
  • 5” Dia for BS ‘0’• 6” Dia for BS ‘1’ and other Accessories as shown in picture.

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