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  •  Feed spindles adjustable without backlash by adjustable spindle nuts
  •  Stable dovetail guide, precision ground and scraped with adjustable wedges
  •  EMC filter class B (use in private households)
  •  All guides are ground and visibly scraped (oil pockets for lubrication)
  •  Precisely processed
  •  Double-row angular contact ball bearings in the axles, adjustable without backlash
  •  Safety electronics in 24 Volt version
  •  Bellows as guide protection
  •  Forward / reverse
  •  Drilling and milling head tiltable by ± 90 °, for milling and drilling work in any angular position
  •  Height-adjustable protective screen with microswitch against flying chips and parts for the utmost protection of the user

BF 20L:

  •  Cross table length 700 mm
  •  Travel X-axis 480 mm

control electronics

  •  Integrated relay control
  •  Optional CNC controller can turn the machine on and off


  •  Two-stage gear ratio for powerful transmission of engine power (850 W)
  •  Powerful DC motor with permanent current monitoring


  •  Large, speed-controllable speed range of 90 – 3,000 rpm
  •  Easy to read digital speed display

Start-stop connection

  •  for optional CNC Conroller

sleeve travel

  •  Digital
  •  Accuracy of the display 0.01 mm
  •  Switchable mm / inch

machine lamp

  •  Integrated in the drilling milling head
  •  Halogen pin base lamp, 12V – 10W


  •  Reversible on both sides by 30 mm
  •  When the head is tilted, longer travels and centric machining of the workpiece are possible
  •  Back with hole
  •  Slightly oil the trapezoidal spindle or grease of the ballscrews

Z-pillar and X-axis

  •  Prepared 9 mm wide groove for the subsequent mounting of magnetic tapes by simply gluing

Tapered roller bearings

  •  High concentricity; o, o15 mm measured in the quill

cross table

  •  Solid
  •  Precise surface finish
  •  With T-slots
  •  Adjustable wedges
  •  Adjustable via 3 hand wheels


  •  With 2 milled pockets
  •  By means of sleeves, the magnetic tape holder can be easily screwed

end stops

  •  Mechanically
  •  Adjustable

Longitudinal dimension scale

  •  Taken in the cross table
  •  Well readable
Delivery Contents
  •  Conical mandrel MK 2, B16
  •  Pulling rod M 10
  •  operating tool

MSM1 Stand pictured not included, can be purchased separately here
Lathe pictured not included, for display purposes only.



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