Optimum OPTIturn TX 4414

£16,990 Ex.VAT / £16,990 In.VAT

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  • Machine bed & chassis made heavily ribbed cast material
  • High degrees of rigidity of the spindle bar housing thanks to pronounced ribbing made of 25GG cast material
  • All feed gearwheels made of steel, hardened and polished
  • Newall Digital position display DP700
  • Spindle shafts on needle bearings, all components lubricated in oil bath
  • Hardened and polished spindle guarantees high degrees of accuracy and durability
  • Hardened and polished bed guides
  • Electronically braked main spindle
  • Electronic feed shut-off of Z-axis. External coolant tank with filling level display & oil separator
  • Complete feed and lead spindle cover
  • Electrical position shut-off with quadruple positioning stop
  • Product shown is TX 4412 for representation purposes

See TX 4414 in Catalogue.

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