SSK2 Sandblasting Cabin

    £495 Ex.VAT / £495 In.VAT

    The SSK2 Sandblasting Cabin features one large door on the side for loading and unloading, 2 exhaust air openings (1 exhaust air connection ø 92 mm and 1 exhaust air duct ø 64 mm) for connecting to an extraction unit, and the 12-volt neon tube with 230-volt power supply and external switch.

    The SSK2 Sandblasting Cabin is suitable for a variety of blasting agents, e.g. quartz, glass peen shot, plastic peen shot, and more. Ideal for paint removal or for cleaning and rust removal on any type of metal part. Premium latex work gloves fastened on housing. View window and adhesion-bonded protective film, for the best possible view and occupational protection while processing the workpiece. Cover and door frame featuring all-around seals for dust-free work. With a stable grid shelf for depositing workpieces on the inside of the cabinet. With drain opening for changing the blasting agent. Extraction hose for blasting agent fastened on bottom of catchment container. With external compressed air coupling. Glass bead blasting agent, corundum blasting agent, silicon carbide, plastic blasting agent, and many others.

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