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Unicraft SSK 1.5 Sandblaster

For clean blasting without pollution of the working environment


  •  Suitable for various blasting materials, eg quartz, glass ball, plastic ball, etc.
  •  Ideal for paint removal or for cleaning and de-rusting metal parts of all kinds
  •  High-quality work gloves made of latex are firmly attached to the housing
  •  Lens with glued-on protective foil allows optimum visibility and safety during workpiece machining
  •  Dust-free work due to circumferential seals on cover and door frame
  •  Stable storage grid allows laying of workpieces in the cabin interior
  •  With opening for draining the blasting material
  •  Suction pipe for the blasting material attached to the bottom of the collecting container
  •  With compressed air connection on the outside
  •  Glass bead blasting abrasives, corundum abrasives, silicon carbide, plastic abrasives and much more. used

Room amenities

  •  Regulation of working pressure via pressure regulator with manometer
  •  Fixed jet nozzle with 120 ° tilt for comfortable working with two hands
  •  Airflow control via foot pedal
  •  Integrated cabin ventilation with replaceable air filter
  •  12 volt fluorescent tube with 230 volt power supply and external switch        1 year warranty logo
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