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  • Guideways are plastic coated,provide frictionless movement. l Hydraulic system is smooth and low noise.
  • Rigid and high precision; Roundness 0.0025mm Parallelism 0.008mmRoughness um Ra <0.32
  • Hydraulic longitudinal feed l Wheelhead manual feed l Wheelhead rapid approach and retraction,
  • 8 steps automatic wheelhead feeds but manually setting (0.0025-0.04mm) .

Delivery Contents

  • Coolant Tank
  • Wheel Dresser
  • Grinding Wheel
    & Flange
  • Flange and
    Wheel Extractor
  • Wheel Balancing Stand
  • Balancing Mandrel
  • Levelling Wedges
  • Solid Centres
  • Wheel Removing Tool
  • Internal Grinding
  • Grinding Wheel Spindle
  • Work Lamp

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