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  •  For use in the metalworking industry for grinding, structuring and polishing tasks, especially in the stainless steel sector
  •  225 mm balanced belt rollers ensure optimum and low-vibration drive
  •  Stepless belt speed of 4.5 – 27 m / s by frequency shaper
  •  With electric table height adjustment
  •  With split table for opening, drawer grinding and integrated work table lighting
  •  Smooth-running grinding table even under load
  •  Easy adjustment of the sanding belt
  •  Roller sanding pad, this results in less tarnish when grinding
  •  Right-left rotation as standard
  •  Stepless belt speed
  •  Easy adjustment of the sanding belt
  •  Right-left rotation as standard
  •  Quick and tool-free conversion from long-belt to edge grinding machine

Room amenities:

  •  ergonomically arranged control panel
  •  easy operation from the front
  •  with emergency off switch, electric table height adjustment and potentiometer for continuous belt speed
  •  Sanding pad with two large rubber rollers for less friction heat (tarnish color)
  •  due to the swiveling mounting of the sanding pad, it is also suitable for angular workpieces
  •  standard with drawer grinding device
  •  Split table for unfolding for special edge grinding applications
  •  Grinding table with standard stop rail
  •  Swiveling device with quick clamping
  •  3.0 kW engine
  •  225 mm balanced belt rollers ensure
    optimum and low-vibration drive


  •  for machining aluminum *, steel and stainless steel
  •  Structuring and finishing of metal surfaces
  •  Semi-matt or silk gloss finish with fleece band
  •  Grinding of long welds
  •  Cleaning tarnish-colored surfaces after welding

Important NOTE

  •  * When grinding aluminum, be sure to pay attention to the high risk of deflagration!

Optional accessories:

  •  Sliding shoe with graphite support especially suitable for fine sanding, item no. 0532556

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