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  • The frame is of welded construction.
    It has vibration method used to eliminate stress. Machine is of high rigidity & strength.
  • The sheet is moved easily by the Rolling Balls & support block located on the table to ensure the surface quality of the sheet to be cut.
    There are front support arms & side squaring arms
  • Hydraulic Drive, swing beam, the return of the knife beam is smooth & prompt by the accumulator or nitrogen Cylinder.
  • The stroke of knife beam can be steplessly adjusted
  • The position of low Blade can be adjusted to ensure the equilibrium of the gap between blades after regrinding.
  • Adjustment of the gap between Blades is portable & prompt. The value of the gap is indicated on a dial
  • The back Gauge is motorised adjustable & manual fine adjustment. The adjusted value is shown on the numerator on the front of the machine is digital display
  • The number of cuts is shown on the counter located on the front of the Machine
  • Pre-selection of single or continuous stroke
  • Equipped with lighting alignment (Shadow light) device
  • Protective fence and the safety are ensured by fully enclosed electrically interlocked guards.
    There are travel limit protection and foot pedestal mounted emergency stop switch

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