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ESM350 Hydraulics Shaper Machine (415v 3Ph)

Shaper Machines are hydraulically operated machines with very high torque levels capable of cutting materials to product cuts and pieces such as broaching keyways dovetails, V-blocks and more.
The simple operation and larger scales means cutting of material from larger workpieces can be easier than milling, and they can be suited toa mass production workshop environment.

  • Ability to change length and position of stroke or speed while the machine is running.
  • Virtually constant cutting and return speeds for uniform cutting
  • The machine mainly consists of column, ram, rocker arm, speed change box, feed box, cross rail, table, lubricating system, and electrical system.
  • The motor drives the ram through speed change box and rocker arm mechanism. The ram reciprocates in the guideways on top of the column with six changes of speeds.
  • The adjustment of clearance between ram and guideway can be effected by means of gibs.
  • The front end of the ram has tool head and the swivel head plate and the former is capable of making feed along tool slide.
    To shaper a tapered face, the swivel head plate can be turned and set at a desired angle to the tool head.
    The cross rail can make vertical feeds manually or by power a long the front guideways of the column, worktable is
    installed on the cross rail, which can be rotate +90°
  • Adjust clearance of the cross rail and the table by means of gibs.
  • The front end of the table is supported by the supporting guideways so that steadiness at work can be increased.
  • The direction of worktable feed can be switched by one single lever. The amount of feeding can be adjusted in the course of running.
  • The main transmission movement of the machine is provided with brakes which can set the ram to stop at a desired place immediately.
  • Speed change box, feed box, ram guideways and rocker and mechanism are all lubricated by a single pump automatically.
  • The amount of oil supply can be adjusted as required.
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