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  • Best power transmission through aluminum pulleys
  • Emergency stop impact switch
  • Drill spindle with precision ball bearings
  • Guaranteed concentricity accuracy less than 0.03 mm measured at the drilling spindle
  • Dirt and water resistant, easy to clean membrane keyboard with high-contrast OLED display
  • Glare-free LED lighting integrated on the left and right in the drill head. No disturbing shadows
  • Threading mode
  • Language selection in the display field optionally DE-EN-FR-RU
  • Digital reference point
  • Digital parts counter
  • Acoustic signal when reaching the drilling depth
  • Reduced speed in tapping mode
  • Height-adjustable feed guard with microswitch for maximum protection
  • Precision machined drill table with parallel T-slots, precision surface finish
  • Turnable drill table
  • Solid base plate with parallel T-slots


When drilling and tapping, the machine automatically sets the optimal speed for the tool, after specifying the diameter and material.

Patent pending DE 10 2015 006 876 A1

  • Siemens SINAMICS V20 inverter

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