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  •  The compact design allows a comfortable transport
  •  Thanks to the all-round protection, ideally suited for mounting use
  •  Quality electric motors with high torque and motor start unloading, thus no startup problems
  •  Electric motor equipped with motor protection switch
  •  Fully automatic on-off operation
  •  All transport-vulnerable parts well protected
  •  Rubberized handle against slipping
  •  With all safety devices
  •  In a compact design for a comfortable transport
  • Ten-year rust-through warranty on powder-coated compressed air tank

Room amenities:

Control panel

  •  The ergonomically designed control panel is clearly structured and self-explanatory.
  •  One manometer each to indicate the tank pressure and the set working pressure
  •  With the pressure regulator, the desired working pressure can be infinitely fixed.
  •  With two compressed air extraction points
  •  Standard with quality quick couplings


  •  High quality electric motors with high torque
  •  Motor start unloading, thus no startup problems
  •  Electric motor equipped with motor protection switch


  •  The large, stable wheels in conjunction with the wide wheelbase ensure safe and comfortable transport even on uneven ground.


  •  Compressor in protected sack cart construction
  •  The fittings are optimally protected against damage by the tubular frame.

Copper-pressure line

Maintenance block

  •  Standard with high quality Condor pressure switch
  •  The on-off switch is protected and easily accessible.
  •  Equipped with quality filter for dirt, oil and condensate separation


  •  As standard with rubber carrying handle against slipping during transport

High performance aggregate HOS

  •  The precisely machined piston is equipped with a high-alloy piston ring, oil scraper ring and oil scraper ring, which seal the piston from the cylinder wall.
  •  The crankcase is filled with oil, which is sprayed against the cylinder wall with each piston stroke.
  •  The oil scraper wipes the oil-wetted cylinder wall downwards.
Delivery Contents:
  •  Automatic CONDOR pressure switch
  •  Pressure gauge for indication of tank and working pressure
  •  water
  •  Two quality one-hand quick couplings
  •  Copper compressed air lines

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