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  • Maximum, robust equipment and best quality at a reasonable price
  • Fully automatic on-off operation
  • With all safety devices
  • Completely ready for connection

Quality electric motor

  •  Quality electric motor with high starting torque is equipped with a motor protection switch
  • Starting capacitor and starting relief valve ensure easy starting
  • Phase inverter as standard for easy manual reversal of the direction of rotation

Compressed air compression via high-performance HOS unit

  • The start-up relief valve ensures easy and pressureless start-up
  • The two-cylinder high-performance unit made of gray cast iron and the low speed warranty particularly quiet and low-vibration running and a long service life
  • This ensures an even longer service life due to even less wear and tear
  • High-quality compressor with optimum lubrication for a long service life and high reliability
  • Equipped with high quality intake filter
  • The aftercooler with large cooling fins ensures a low boiler inlet temperature and thus less moisture in the compressed air, which protects the air tools
  • Additional intercooler to the aftercooler
  • Corrosion-free valve plates for improved heat dissipation and compressor longevity
  •  The large fan impeller and a cooling air baffle on the cylinder ensure optimum cooling of the compressor
  • A sturdy metal belt guard ensures optimum protection of the components and a high level of user safety
  • Compressed air supply to the boiler via flexible armored hose line with heat protection prevents vibration breakage

High quality drive belt

  • Powerful and economical drive
  • The toothed drive belt facilitates start-up, improves running smoothness and power transmission and reduces power consumption by up to 30%.
  • Sturdy metal belt guard

Comfort safety coupling – The advantages.

  • Comfort safety couplings from AIRCRAFT as the first manufacturer to be used in series production
  • Two separate locking systems for maximum working safety
  • Dangerous whipping of the hose line is prevented

Comfortable and safe to transport and set up

  • Ergonomically extended handle for comfortable transport in an almost upright position – strain on the back due to lifting is avoided
  • Puncture-proof PU foam wheels and stable steering chassis with parking brake allow easy transport
  • The parking brake prevents both turning and rolling movement of the wheels and ensures optimal standing of the compressor
  • Practical second transport handle on the boiler, which facilitates carrying the compressor

High quality boiler with durable rust protection

  • AIRCRAFT is the first manufacturer to equip the AIRPROFI series compressors with hot-dip galvanized tanks inside and outside as standard
  • AIRPROFI series boilers therefore come with a 15-year warranty against rust-through.

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