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Can be used in the assembly and craftsman area, e.g. in the workshop or for interior and shell construction. The frame is tool storage as well as all-round protection for all sensitive components. There are no components in the footwell that can be damaged during tipping and transport.


Smooth, oil-free V-unit

  • No oil change necessary and no oil in the condensate
  • Low speed, therefore long service life
  • Very smooth running and extremely quiet
  • High quality coating on the cylinder surfaces and pistons for long service life
  • Air flows directly through the cylinder and ensures effective cooling

High-quality maximum equipment

  • Filter pressure regulators for continuous adjustment of the working pressure with simultaneous dirt and condensate separation
  • Mist oiler for metered lubrication of the tools
  • One compressed air extraction point each for filtered compressed air, filtered and oiled compressed air and a direct outlet from the container
  • High-quality CONDOR pressure switch
  • One manometer each for container and working pressure
  • Standard with protected hose hook inside

Compressed air lines and containers with a long service life

  • Flexible armored hose lines with heat protection prevent vibrations from breaking
  • Powder-coated compressed air containers

Three comfort safety quick couplings

  • One-hand safety couplings according to DIN EN 983 from AIRCRAFT as the first manufacturer to be used as standard
  • Two separate locking systems for maximum occupational safety
  • No flogging of the hose line when uncoupling

Convenient transport and a secure stand

  • Two fold-out handles For lifting during transport
  • Puncture-proof PU foam wheels with a wide wheelbase

Control panel
Ergonomically favourably positioned, clearly structured and self-explanatory

  1. manometer to display the tank pressure
  2. direct compressed air output with one-hand safety coupling from the compressed air tank
  3. filter pressure reducer to set the working pressure
  4. manometer to display the set working pressure
  5. compressed air output one hand Safety couplingfor filtered compressed air
  6. mist lubricator for metered supply of lubricant to the tools
  7. compressed air outlet one hand safety coupling for filtered and lubricated compressed air

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