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  •  For testing and filling tires
  •  Standard and calibrated version

Special features:

  •  The ideal device for the mobile tire inflation printing service
  •  With simple one-hand operation via plus-minus handle
  •  With slanted, large pressure gauge for optimal readability
  •  Cranked, double-sided petrol station plug for all tire valves with valve thread VG 8 (cars, trucks and motorcycles)
  •  Location independent by built-in air tank
  •  Refill automatically after hanging
  •  Air tank with filling valve (approved as compressed gas tank)
  •  Approved version
  •  Includes double-sided petrol station plug with twin connection for twin tires
  •  Sub-scale from 0 to 140 PSI
  •  Overpressure safe up to 16 bar
Delivery Contents:
  •  Air tank with filling valve (capacity 6 l, filling pressure 16 bar)
  •  Double-sided petrol station plug with double connection for twin tires
  •  Sub-scale from 0 to 140 PSI
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