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  •  Battery-powered ride-on scrubber driers with automatic drive and two disc brushes
  •  Very quiet operation – low sound pressure level of only 58 dB (A).
    Allows working in environments where maximum discretion is required
    in cleaning work, such as nursing homes, hospitals, etc.
  •  Simple operation and handling – ready for use without
    time-consuming training and easy maintenance
  •  Mechanical operation of the brushes and suction bar via lever
  •  EMERGENCY STOP button for immediate stop of the machine
  •  Automatic speed reduction in cornering
  •  High productivity – Clean larger surfaces without stops,
    with just one water fill and one battery!
  •  The automatic retraction of the brush head and the automatic
    unhooking of the suction bar in the event of accidental impact protect it from damage
Delivery Contents:
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • 2 disc brushes PP 0.6 mm
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