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Cleancraft HKM 800 Manual Hand Push Floor Sweeper

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With innovative tandem roller system for residential and commercial use indoors and outdoors

  •  Two side brushes sweep the debris in front of the tandem sweeping rollers, which transport them from above into the hopper
  •  For debris of all sizes, from paper to beverage cans
  •  Suitable for a wide variety of soil conditions with height-adjustable sweeping rollers and side brushes
  •  Wear-resistant sweeping rollers and side brushes made of polyamide
  •  Resistant frame made of fiber-reinforced plastic
  •  Large dirt container
  •  Handy and easy to push
  •  Stairway through rear wheels
  •  Space-saving storage by folding handle

Tandem roller system

  •  More effective cleaning than conventional single-roller systems
  •  Two side brush sweep sweeping material out of corners and edges in front of the sweeping rollers
  •  Two sweeping rollers collect the dirt together and transport it in the throw-over principle from above into the hopper
  •  Thanks to the throw-over principle, the dust container can be filled up to 75%, reliably picking up debris

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