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Versatile use for three axes with speed display. High-quality technology and long-lasting industrial quality
High-quality technology and long-lasting industrial quality

  • Switchable for milling machine and lathe to use freely selectable input signal (sine / rectangle) for eg glass scales and / or magnetic tape systems
  •  Higher work accuracy
  •  Significant reduction in production times
  •  Error rate is reduced
  •  X, Y / Z0, Z axis with 8-digit display each
  •  Supplied sensor for recording the spindle speeds
  •  Graphical input for cycle programming (DPA22)
  •  Three evaluable measuring inputs, each with seven correction memories for tools
  •  Dimensions L x W x H: 230 x 80 x 260 mm. Weight: 2 kg

Possible functions

  •  Calculator, speed display, axis coupling (sum Z), Sub D connector sockets, absolute / incremental operation, conversion of inch / metric thread, hole circle computer (incremental dimension), coordinates in circle (pitch circle), holes in circle (pitch circle), measured values ??radius / diameter switchable, zero reset / data preset, self-diagnostics, datum, linear error correction, 99 tool memories
  •  Speed ??sensor
  •  holder
  •  Power supply 24V
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